Auto & Marine

We provide top-tier auto & marine products from renowned suppliers. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of items from these top-notch suppliers. However, due to the diversity, we can't list all our items online. You can browse the categories and supplier links below. If you want more information, reach out using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

  • Car & Truck Care

    We offer a selection of car and truck care items, including cleaners for interiors and exteriors, detailing tools, degreasers, metal polish, rust treatments, and truck washes. Ensure your vehicle's prime condition with our effective cleaning and maintenance supplies.

  • Paint & Panel Prep

    We offer a variety of paint and panel prep products, including automotive and color-matched paints for touch-ups. Protect your vehicle with our rust prevention solutions and achieve a flawless finish using our preparation equipment.

  • Marine Care

    We provide a comprehensive range of marine care products for your boat: from cleaners, wax, polish, detailing tools, hull cleaners, and degreasers to teak care, metal polish, rust treatments, bottom paints, and upholstery care.

Automotive coatings


Commercial Performance Coatings is the name given to a versatile range of hard-working finishes that can be applied to products or equipment, large and small. Featuring proven and reliable PPG technologies, you will find exactly the right finish for virtually any application, from agricultural and construction equipment to trailers, business equipment and much, much more.


marine coatings


Norglass Paints and Specialty Finishes produces the highest quality paints and surface coatings. All Norglass products are manufactured in their Sydney factory, with each raw material selected for its performance, not price. 


industrial coatings

PPG Commercial Performance Coatings

Commercial Performance Coatings products are available in a variety of technologies, including alkyd, acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings and offer an effective solution for practically any application you can think of – from agricultural, mining and construction equipment, to trailers, business equipment, concrete floors, structural steel and much, much more.


decorative coatings

Luxury Paints

Luxury Paints offer a full range of decorative, industrial, specialty and texture coatings. Luxury Paints is focused on innovation and is highly committed to research and development.


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